Discussion: Is Having just a Website Enough?

Is having just a website sufficient digital strategy to take your business to the next level?

Many think that would just do it. But no, that is not correct.

Digital strategy is no joke and a holistic approach is needed. What other steps apart from a website will be needed for a satisfactory digital strategy?

One thought on “Discussion: Is Having just a Website Enough?

  1. The truth is… its not enough.
    Having a website these days is just like having an office.

    Come to think of it: would renting or owning just an office automatically drive customers to your business? No!

    You need to take further steps to really tap into the benefits of having that office. That is where the DIGITAL MARKETING strategy comes in.

    You need a well orchestrated, easy-to-implement digital marketing plan to really enjoy the full benefits the level playing ground the digital world has given all businesses – big or small.

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